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Peep-som-mors and more
Contributed by CL Craig

Greetings Peep-sters!

Thought I'd share some tried and true easy Peep recipes. My husband and cousin share the same birthday that falls around Easter, so on our annual gathering to celebrate we've come up with some great ways to consume Peeps around the campfire.

Roasted Peeps
Best and easiest of all is to skewer your favorite peep on the end of a coat hanger and toast the sugar coating to a light crusty brown. The sugar coating provides the perfect protection to getting the insides nice and soft with out bursting into flames like regular marshmallows do. Either camp fire or camp stove work great.

For added Peep bliss, take that tasty toasted little peep critter and plaster it between the quintessential piece of chocolate bar and graham cracker for a twist on an old classic. Mmmm...

Peep Tacos
Sound bizarre but, last year we were down in Baja, Mexico and had a box of Peeps but forgot the graham crackers. We ended up warming up the local soft corn tortilla with 2 peeps wedged inside and toasted them on a bbq grill to a pleasant gooey stage and topped them off with melted chocolate easter eggs. The tortilla added a nice contrast to the sweetness of the Peeps and was easy to assemble and cook.