Visitor's Corner

Lines Composed Upon The Death Of Five Peeps
Contributed by Rachel Steele

How dearly hath I loved thee, little peeps,
How tenderly I cared for thee in life,
How ardently I sought to find the creeps
Who stole thy sister, causing thee such strife.

And fondly do I think of thee today—
As though, by wishing, I could bring thee back—
Though others hold in doubt my deep dismay,
The words they speak are false: they're talking smack.

Fain would I have thee here to see the dawn,
To frolic in the meadows in thy youth—
But Fate had written that thou shouldst move on
To fair Elysium, fore'er, forsooth.

Alas, how oft does cruél Death destroy
The tiny peep, such transitory joy!