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Ode to peeps
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'Twas the night before Easter,
And all through the condo
I hunted the candy
That I am most fond o'.
Chocolate rabbits are nice,
Jelly beans may be yummy,
But there's only one treat
That I want in my tummy.
A creature of yellow
Pink, purple or blue
With little brown eyes
And a tiny beak, too.
Oh dear, wherefore art you,
Wee marshmallow chick?
If I didn't buy you,
I'm going to be sick.
No basket has value
If this treat it lacks,
Made of two kinds of sugar
And carnauba wax.
Potassium sorbate,
Dyes 6, 1 and 3,
Sodium, protein.
Total fat: 0 g
Your recipe's secret
That's the way it must be-eth
If the market were flooded,
No one would have te-eth.
When springtime approaches,
There you are on the shelf,
Delivered, I'm certain,
By some Easter elf.
The marshmallow bunnies
Make their debut, too.
But for the Peep purist,
Only chickens will do.
You must bite their heads off,
That's the best way to start,
Then you work your way down
To the nethermost part.
Last year, on a challange,
I did something brave
And popped a whole plateful
In the microwave.
First they just puffed up
Like Uncle Ben's rice,
Then collapsed into puddles.
The sight was not nice.
So I went to the makers,
Just Born, for a look
At their Internet Web site
And found a cookbook!
There were Peeps inside cupcakes
And Peeps on a stick,
Even Peeps on dessert pizza -
Yo! Feed me some quick!
Some still mock this candy,
And that makes up weep
For what they are missing,
Oh, long live the Peep!