Visitor's Corner

How Mira Kelsey of Delaware steals Easter
Contributed by Amy Russell

In the box is a peep
and it's wrinkled and flat
it is no longer puffy
nor all cute and fat.

How came it this Easter
to look quite this way?
I will tell you a secret
about one Mira K.

She goes to the market
she goes every season
with a glint in her eye
and I now know the reason.

For I have seen Mira Kelsey
when she espies this candy
whilst shopping with Eleanor
or else Sara Handy.

She's possessed by the Devil
and she so craves that fix
Oh, what mortal can refrain
from smooshing the chicks?

They are plump, they have tummies
they've marshmallows for heads
they are round but not juicy
they are stiff but not dead.

You can poke and impale them
or squish, squash and pinch
you can mash in their heads
like a scrooge or a grinch.

When such a peep you should see
-I'll have you understand-
sitting mushed in its package
it's the work of the hand

of Mira Elyse Kelsey
who lives in DE
she has done it to them
and she's done it to me.