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New peeping tradition

I've had 2 different sets of friends who were insane enough to leave their housekeys with one of my girlfriends while they went on their respective honeymoons. We got Sally & Sonny with over 150 Peeps; theirs was cool because they have an enormous stone fireplace with lots of nooks and crannies for Peeps. Noella & Rick have tons of knick-knacks and kitsche, so they are still finding Peeps over a year later. It's best to hide them in out-of-the-way places, although obvious ones like underwear drawers and between the bedsheets are also very good. Oddly enough, the victims think it was just about one of the coolest wedding "presents" that they received.


Okay okay okay ... so like 4 years ago my dear friend Alyssa and I came up with this brilliant idea called Peepmas where 2 nights before Easter we become Peep Faries and deliver hundreds of peeps in small bags to local doorstops. This upcoming Easter will be our fourth annual Peepmas, and we'd like the support of other Peeps fans in carrying this out as a national tradition in celebration of sharing, humor, and best of all Peepy-goodness.

havested peeps

I'm a little strange when it comes to eating peeps...i like to let them sit out for a couple months until they are hard and chewey! I have a harvested batch from a year ago that are just ripe. Try it out and i promise you'll like it, but they need to have similar resistance to Laffy Taffy. That is what makes a Peep experience for me!

The absolute best way to eat peeps

The best way to eat peeps hands down is as such:

Take a few peeps and put them on a paper plate, microwave for about 40 seconds, and then immediatly throw them in the freezer for an hour or longer. In the end you get a flattened peep that is oh so delicious!

Microwave Peeps

Ok, I'll admit first off that I am really not much of a marshmallow eater but 10 years ago, the first Easter after my wonderfull father passed away... I saw peeps in the store and had to walk away quickly so I would not make a fool of myself by crying in the isle. You see, my dad had a wonderful sense of humor. Every Easter, he would buy peeps and to his amusement, before eating them and also to entertain me and my young son at the time, he would put a peep in the microwave and we would watch it blow way up three times its normal size and kind of "poof" and shrink back down. Ok, a little twisted maybe in his sense of humor but just the same, it was a tradition that still lives on in my son and now my new husband wants me to share it with his young boys, lol. Every year I see peeps and have to smile and remember my beloved father. Thank you for the memories!

Great site!!

I heard about your website on the radio today because they were talking about the most popular candy eaten around Easter. For as long as I can remember my dad has loved these things and gets some EVERY Easter from my mom and anyone else that knows these are his favorites!! I like them as well but my memories of Peeps will always include my dad. His favorite way to eat them is a box at a time taken from the freezer!! This is awesome!! I forwarded the site to him...maybe he'll take my mom and go visit the "birthplace" of Peeps one day!!

We the Peeple

Our family migrated to America from a country where there are no Peeps. Yes, the privation was unendurable. Now we have many Peeps, especially the multi-cultural varie-colored Peeps. Diversity makes us stronger. We love America! It is the sweet land of liberty and sugar Peeps!


What can I say?! Peeps are sticky, gooey and sugary, but I love them!! I'm on Adkins, but I must confess, diet or not, I have to eat Peeps at Easter — and I'm 56 years old!! One of life's little pleasures I'll never give up.


Thank you so much for the little peeps that you have created.. I have loved these little ones since childhood and now through my adult years. My children love them too. We hope to enjoy them for many years to come. I remember Easter as a child, we would wake up early, run to get our baskets and then see what we go.. we would always count each item to see if we all got the same amount. I have five sisters so my mother would divide everything equally between us.. she would take the peeps from their package and place them in the grass in our baskets for us to enjoy. I didn't mind at all if the grass stuck to the peeps they still tasted delicious. Thanks again for making childhood fun!

stale peeps

I have to agree with one of your writers that the only way to eat peeps is when they are stale. Last Easters peeps are the best to eat now. But, I must confess that I have to buy twice as many peeps now in order to have any for next year. And, they have to be hidden out of sight or they won't live long enough to mature into the wonderful, crunchy, ones that I love.
-A KY senior citizen


I just wanted to say that I am now 67 years old and from the time the "peeps" first came out they are the only "Easter Candy" that I get for myself. I have my own special "order" of how I eat them. I still prefer the yellow ones; but I like that you have added the other colors. My grandchildren like them also.

Sugar-free Peeps

I am Debbie, and I am a Diabetic. I have noticed that some of the candy companies are coming out with a lot of sugar-free candy. For example, Hershey's now has sugar-free chocolate. It is made with Lactitol. I think this is a new sweetener for candy. It tastes pretty good too.

I really love peeps. I remember them as a kid. Easter wasn't Easter without Peeps in the Easter baskets. Now, what I want to know is, when are we going to see sugar-free peeps for all us Diabetics out here that love peeps?

I will be watching for you. Put a word in to all those chemists to make some sugar-free peeps for Debbie to eat.

Peeps at Easter...hah!

Every dedicated Peeps aficionado knows that these little marshmallow critters should be enjoyed year round. Here at the Twinsburg Fire Department (in beautiful Ohio), Peeps are stored in mass quantities and enjoyed throughout the year. There is nothing more enjoyable than biting into one after a late night call...nothing else will suffice.

Looking for a way to thank your local firefighters? Drop by your local FD and treat your local heroes to Peep treats. I can guarantee that that they will be very gracious.

Thanks for your support!
~Captain Steve

Stale Peep Lover

While teaching school one year, the subject of "Peeps" came up in my 4th grade classroom. To my horror many of my students did not like the little marshmellow chicks. I told them the only way to eat them was stale, chewy and when you ate them they snapped. They found this disgusting and told another teacher the story. Seems that she & I were in agreement on the proper proceedure for eating Peeps. That year, a week or so after Easter, boxes and boxes of stale peeps started appearing on our desks. We thought we were in Peep heaven. I think the supply lasted till the end of that school year.

I love peeps too!!!

I'm 48 now, and I can't remember when I had my first peep, but I do remember how much I loved it. Then I decided to do the same thing to a package of peeps that I used to do with Bonomo Turkish taffy... I popped the box of peeps into the freezer and wah-la, I had frozen peeps. They don't break into pieces like the taffy, but they sure tasted great frozen. I know what to do next year--frozen peeps pops.

Peeply story

Thoughout my college career, my parents send me peeps in care packages. My friends also enjoyed the peeps they sent, and soon peeps were the butt of many friendly jokes. I even spent an afternoon microwaving peeps with my favorite professor in the department office and giving the enlarged peeps to other staff members. My peeped college exisistence was completed when, on graduation day, a friend gave me a box of peeps to carry with me during the long ceremony. I was so touched, I saved the box of peeps for a year.

the tradition of Peeping

Since 1996 (our senior year of High School), my friends and I go "Peeping." We buy about a hundred boxes of "Peeps" and load up everyone in the car and begin our mission.

This tradition occurs annually on the night before Easter. We drive around our town of SAN PEDRO, CA and either throw Peeps at people's houses or we nicely arrange a Peep village in front of there house or on their car. We hit every place in town as well, McDonalds drive thrus, video drop off boxes, anywhere we know that our "Peeps" will be noticed.

When we drive away from our freshly "Peeped" place we honk the horn and we all scream "Peep!!!" and just laugh. This has become a well known tradition in our town, some people even expect to be "Peeped".

Some friends have even taken this tradition to the town of Dearborn Heights, Mi. We are hoping this will soon be a national tradition!!!!! We love your site!!!!!!!!

Thank You, Stefani and the whole San Pedro Peeping Crew!!!!!!!


PEEPS!~ official school newspaper mascot

hi, i am an editor for my school newspaper and, while our school mascot is a Spartan, we prefer Peeps! at any editing session we have we can't live without Peeps, we eat them constantly, and the paper couldn't get done without them, they keep us going. we love the fact that we can get Peeps for any holiday, so we can have them all the time! we are even going to draw one and put it in our "Editor's Box" when we print the next edition! We love Peeps!!!

Camping Peeps

We always buy Peeps and save them until the annual summer camping trip. Roasted Peeps are so yummy. Crunchy and toasty on the outside. Gooey on the inside. And then there are "Peep Banana Boats": Slice a banana lengthwise with the skin still on, stuff in chocolate chips and as many Peeps as you can (2-3 probably), wrap the whole thing in foil and let it sit in the campfire until gooey (15 minutes depending how hot the fire is). My favorite Peep-camping activity is Peep-races down the river. They float so well!

P.S. I don't think my Jewish friends realize the Peeps aren't kosher. Oooops.


My late grandmother loved peeps so much and always bought boxes and boxes of them. We would always sit at her kitchen table and eat peeps and talk. She died three years ago and every year at Easter, I buy my peeps and think of her. Peeps are the greatest!!

peep mutilation

I have been a dedicated peep buyer at Easter since I became a parent 28 years ago. This hasn't always been easy, because the candy buyers here in my adopted homeland of Canada haven't always seen the need to order peeps (the fools) and I have made many a cross-border shopping trip in search of the little cuties. I was determined though, because I remember peeps as a highlight of my Easter baskets as a child.

But I have discovered the truth of the saying, "You can't go home again." I went to the official peep website by Just Born, and when I saw the package of Rodda peeps, the ones that were made by hand before Just Born bought the company, I realized an awful truth. These are the peeps of my childhood. My peeps had wings! Yes, wings! Just Born has pulled the wings off the peeps! How can I ever feel the same about the modern version again, now that I've realized this?

Year round availability of peeps

Does anyone have a receipe for blackend chicken? Here is my suggestion for enjoying peeps all year round. Purchase your Monday after Easter peeps and then give 50 boxes to a trustworthy friend, perferably a diabetic. The have the friend open one box each Tuesday and deliver the box to you on Friday. This is about the right stale time for peeps to my taste. (I know others perfer longer just judge your perference time). Make sure the friend is immune to your begging and pleading and will resist early delivery of additional boxes. This is a guaranteed year round peep fest.


Alas! I found those who will understand my obsession. Today, after a long and grueling workout at the local gym I longed for the delicious taste of a peep. I shamefully made my way from the gym down to the local drugstore. I quickly snatched up several 12-paks of the freshest looking ones, paid the cashier, and stuffed them down into my gym bag. The five minute walk back to the office proved to be too much. I stuck my hand down into my bag and drew out just one. I could not stop. All the way back to my office I continued consuming. Before, you know it both packages were gone. The looks from my secretaries, and colleagues was almost too much to bear. Sugar on my lips and suit. My secret is out. Will I be ostracized? Will I have to continue to eat peeps in the privacy of my car? Help me.

These same secretaries and colleagues swore my son would come out a peep due to my constant cravings before his birth. He seems fine, other than a little chirping.


When I first met my husband I did not realize what a strange person he actually is. We went to the store and saw peeps. He kept saying Peep, Peep, Peep. I thought he, like me, actually loved peeps. So for Easter I bought him about 15 boxes. It was after watching him force down 1 little peep did he tell me that he actually did not like peeps, that he just liked the name. Even though he doesn't understand the peep fetish, I still married him. I have turned our daughter in to a peep fanatic just to spite him.

Another peep story

For one glorious year, I lived the life of a king. See, my wife used to work for the public relations company that handled the Just Born account (we live very near the company).

Just Born would send out cases and cases of Peeps to the PR company so they could send them out with press releases as a little perk. However, the PR company got far more Peeps from JB than they could ever hope to send out, so my wife would bring them home to me.

Just think of it: Free Peeps every week with free home delivery. I almost cried when she took another job....

peep inspiration

It's so great to discover other peepsfans, especially at the Peepster season. I wanted to share an anecdote about how peeps have enriched my life. At work, I have shared with the other staff my love of peeps and several people have started bringing peeps in for me to enjoy. So, we were seated in the conference room listening to a REALLY boring presentation, when I noticed that a box on the conference table, containing the last two uneaten peeps, was poised in such a way that the 2 yellow peeps appeared to be listening attentively to this major waste of time. And when I looked at the expression on their little peep faces, I realized that if the peeps could survive staff development, so could I!


Forgive me, but I have sinned. It's been 12 years since my last see, that's when I became a vegetarian. So for 12 long, grueling years I have been Peepless, at least gastronomically speaking. Peeps are a long standing tradition in my family. We have had countless special family moments discussing Peeps, their magnificent texture when stale, and even the benefits of a short stint in the microwave (a quick stir afterwards creates a taffy- like effect). But this year I cracked. I'm ashamed, but you must understand that even though my father knows I am a vegetarian and cannot be a Peep- partaker, he continues to send me two boxes of Peeps every year at Easter time. This year one box was pink, the other white. I took the pink box to school (I am an art teacher), thinking that I would give them away to good homes. But before I knew it, I had eaten an entire "row". Horrified, I ran out into the 7th grade locker bank and begged a friendly group of students to take them from me. And so they did. Now the second box (white) sits in my cupboard. It is my solemn vow to create the finest Peep artwork ever created to pay homage to those who died (both bovine and Peep) due to my weak, weak heart.

PEEPS (what else?!?!)

Oh, at joyous last to have found peeple who finally understand my little affection for PEEPS, gods of the easter candy aisle!

I must advise fellow connoseurs of Peeps of one simple rule:
PINK bunnies
YELLOW peeps

That's the only way to eat them.
I'll explain.
The obsession with Peeps is due to/thanks to my father, who has a birthday in early April. When he was a boy, the best part about his birthday was gettin Peepcake. My grandmother would bake a round white two layer cake and frost it with white frosting. She would dye coconut flakes green and pile them on top of the cake as grass. Five yellow peeps would nestle in the grass. Jellybeans would sit in the grass representing the Peeps' eggs. Four pink bunnies would be stuck with frosting to the sides of the cake. That's a Peepcake, an Springtime delicacy I have since shared many times with my father.

The moral of the story is, my dad shared his love of the Peep with me and his fanaticism for only eating true Peeps. Those purple, blue and green imposters, though made by Just Born, are incomparable to the original pink bunnies and yellow peeps.

Of course, I've learned the many ways to savour Peeps. 17 seconds in the microwave on a honey graham cracker and allowed to harden is my personal favorite though I also advocate freezing and aging/staling. I have a peep that is now almost four years old (it's in one of those ziploc bags for vegetables with tiny holes--lets air in, keeps dust and cat hair out).

Much thanks for giving Peep lovers a place to vent!

A place for us

Finally, a Peep place on the web. Gawd, where have you been all my life? I wait for Easter each year, JUST FOR THE PEEPS !!!! Thank you for "being there". Barbara the Peep Addict.


My father's always loved peeps, and when he eats them around Easter, I just can't bear to watch! They're just so cute and-- well, peepy! I'll echo the cry that I've heard ring out before! Save the Peeps!!

Conditioning the Peep for optimum enjoyment

"I have known this for many years, and recently read an article quoting a representative of the company that produces Peeps confirming this advice. For optimum staling of the Peep in the shortest amount of time, store opened package in a frost-free freezer. Within only 3 days, the Peep is at its abundant best. Please feel free to share this information with all Peep enthusiasts."

My cats think I am crazy

"Yes Tracy I am ----crazy about peeps-------morning, noon and night.I enjoy my peeps the most when my cats are watching me eat them. I wave one in front of the them saying in a not so quiet voice---Peep Peep Peep etc . My cats just look at me and sigh,and usually walk away."

PEEPS God's finest creation

"A true Peeponeer, as perhaps yourself...You may just enjoy the story of my evening:

It all started around 4:30 this afternoon, my friend Andrea and I devised a plan to make our local mall aware of Peep power. The first thing we did when we got to the mall was buy 45 peeps, and for variety, the purple bunnies. Also, a large pink bunny was purchased (I later ate this Peep). Along with the delicious candies, we bought sticky notes and face feature stickers (They will be explained). At first we simply placed random mispelled notes reading "Has you ben Peeped?" and "You done ben Peeped!" on poles and trash cans. We also put the pink peeps in trash can "nests" and on SALE signs, as well as displays in stores we dont like, ex: GAP, Aeropostal, American Eagle...etc. Then we stuck them in shoes and presented them to cash register people (PEEPle, if you will) The lady at the GAP through it away. Then we put the face stickers on them; Bow ties, ears, eyes, mouths and eyebrows. Some even had hair!!!!!! We made a "Greetin' Peep" at Hot Topic, it mysteriously dissapeared. The loser cleaning guys cleaned away some of the Peeps......but few DID survive. The mall was peeped.

Also, Peeps dont get crush by escalators, they simply bump against the end-thing".

Peeps Make Me Feel Sparky Inside

I am on the lacrosse team at my school. Before every practice, my fellow team-mate Erin and I manage to consume three of the five packs of Peeps. We find that it helps us aquire the energy needed to perform properly. They give us boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm that our coach just loves. We highly approve of the new blue Peeps, and the fact that they turn your teeth blue adds to the fun.

My Favorite Peep

My favorite peep is the one you find in the summer months long after you thought you consumed every peep you owned. A peep meant to be savored.

Peeps Art

I am the illustrator of the "new" Peeps packaging (from 6 years ago). As "Just Born" used the "old" design for more than 25 years, I assume they will use this design for the next 25 at least. I just came across your website after reading an article in US News. I had no idea that Peeps were so popular and am absolutely delighted there is so much attention being paid to them. I have always loved the candy, preferring to enjoy them very dry, hard and chewy. Years ago when I did the package, they requested a BLUE ribbon to be, perhaps, added on later and low and behold! There it is!

My children always get a charge every Easter time when the packages appear in the stores and yell out, "Mom did that!" Proud to be apart of such an esteemed group.


i have a word of peepily wisdom for you guys. when easter rolls around, buy tons of boxes of peeps and eat about half of the ton during the easter holiday. then store the other half away for later on during the year. make sure you save about, oh, 20 15-peeps packs for a good 6 or 7 months. then they will be stale. and EVERYONE knows that stale peeps are the bomb! they rock the world. and what is even better is that it will be october or november and you will be savoring the delicious marshmallowy goodness of peeps while everyone else has to wait for easter again!

peep colors, peep "ripeness"

My favorite is the good ole' Yellow Peep. But this year I tasted the Purple Peep for the first time, and it is pretty good. Is this only the 2nd year for the Purple Peep?

Peeps can taste very good when you leave the box "open" for a little while, and the peep gets a bit "crusty" on the outside....still soft as dew on the inside! The trick is not to let the peep get too "crusty" on the outside. At that point it does become a stale peep.


I think that the blue peep is very cool, but i have found out they have GREEN peeps!!!!!!!!!!! i have NO idea where you get them but they look really cool. if you didn't know they also have white peeps too!

When i saw your gallery i couldn't stop laughing. I LOVE PEEPS! right around the middle of March i go to SAMS (where you buy barrels of food at a good price) and i buy 100, 12 packs of peeps. until i get some i chat in a hi voice PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS!PEEPS! but i to annoy people i pronounce peep as 'peaps'

Peep addiction

Until I found your web page I thought I was the only one with a peep addiction. My friends and family make fun of me but I don't care. Peeps are great for an upset stomach and also headaches and hangovers. I go into withdrawls after easter because I can't find any more peeps. I always say I need to join peeps anonomyus, stand up and say hi I'm Nancy and I'm a peepaholic. Thanks for your web site.

peep theifs

One easter long ago, A friend of mine happened to work at a Kmart.One night after closing he took approx. 3oo or so packages of peeps.We all sat around in his aparment one going peep crazy!!! Some ate so many they got sick and a few of us created some useful inventions for Those little blobs of marshmellow goodness.(ex: peep bombs,peep pets for barbie, and the infamous microwave peep goo!) We had a great time and when we ran out of ideas we just pegged people from the roof of our nearby parking garage!

Peep lover, not Peep eater

I feel warm and welcome, yet also isolated as I peruse all of this glorious Peepdom. You see, I am a Peep enthusiast, to be sure, but I enjoy Peeps solely for their aesthetic appeal. I have only tasted a Peep once. I did not find the Peep unsavory, but I found that Eating the Peep brought me far less pleasure than simply Adoring the Peep. I squeal with glee when Peeps show up at the grocery store. I always purchase Peeps, and keep them pure and glorious in their package. Whenever I happen upon them in the kitchen, they fill me with joy, and with the need to "PEEEEP!" repeatedly. Eventually, of course, I always cave in and allow a peep-eating friend to enjoy the peeps edibly as opposed to visually.

Are there other Peep enout there who love them strictly for their visual appeal?

Tracy & Mia's note: We too love peeps, but don't eat them. We're vegetarians and they're made out of gelatin. Also they're really gross to eat, neither of us can eat one without feeling sick.

Peeps and IBM

I am an IBM manager with over 30 years experience, mostly managing PhD's in a wierd world of performance analysis. I find that a cup of coffee and a box of yellow peeps in the morning does wonders for my attitude in facing these peeeple on a day-to-day basis.


I have to let you know I truly enjoyed the peep picture - I laughed and laughed. BUT I have to tell you how I found out about your page.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida - home of "First Baptist USA". They had an article in the paper yesterday about the popularity of peeps. At the end of the article they listed several web sites. I tried yours and was happily greeted with all your dyke stuff!!! I can't wait to hear the big stink people here are going to make about the peeps being on a lesbian web site, etc. I THINK IT'S GREAT!

Keep up the TERRIFIC work - and thanks for opening some eyes in the "Bible belt" - we need all the help we can get down here!

Monkey peeps?

We are very upset that the peep company seems to have discriminatory practices against other animals? They should give an equal chance for llamas and monkeys to share in the fame of peeps. What about a cuddly hedgehog? Perhaps these species would age better and produce a finer vintage stale peep. It's time for peeps to diversify- producing more fine peeps to choose from! =)

A peepy poem

Peeps are good at eastertime
but anytime they're fun
eat them up at work or play
and when you're on the run.


For many years as a kid in Chicago, we would barbecue for Easter. The big treat was not the egg hunt or the visit from the Bunny, but the Peep S'more Skewer. My dad would take all of us siblings and cousins out on the patio, and shiskabob 10 or so of the sugary fowl on a metal rod. He would then toast them in the dying embers of the grill and drizzle chocolate sauce and graham cracker crumbs all over them. I can still taste them now. It's good to hear that others have a similar Peep fetish, though on the artistic as opposed to the cullinary. Brava.

peep love

love to eat them peeps, peeps is what i love to eat. bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny tails.

my only problem is peep eatin' season is always during Passover. Someone needs to come up with a recipe leaving out the corn syrup!!!!!


I love peeps any was very happy to see whole pages dedicated to Peeps. My husband always thought my sisters and I were crazy becase we always let out Peeps sit for days till they were crusty and chewey. Boy, was he surprised when he saw the comments from all the other peolpe saying they eat Peeps that way too!!

I was also writing to tell you about my cat, Elmo, he loves Peeps !! He will climb into my lap and take a whole Peep out of my hand and run off with it. Of course once he has it he realizes it's too big for him to eat. So he stares at me until I pull off a couple of small pieces for him. I try not to give him too much because the sugar just makes him way hyper and he runs around the apartment like crazy.

Well, just thought I would share my Peep experiences with you.

PS. Peep fans souldn't be so sad anymore when it's not Easter. If you look around Just Born makes marshmellow animals for almost every holiday now. Of course, nothing beats the Peep shape. But the other shapes are good to keep you till Easter comes again and you can get real Peeps!

Don't eat the peeps!

I go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show as much as I can. The preshow includes torturing the Rocky virgins at the Spin-the-Transvestite wheel. One of the tortures is "Fluffy Bunny Feet" where the virgin says the above phrase and stuffs a marshmallow into her/his mouth and repeats the phrase. (S)he continues to do this until its impossible to understand what is being said. Around Easter time, one of the cast members replaced the usual marshmallows with PEEPS! "Fluffy Peep Feet" was born. My grrlfriend knows the cast member who is responsible and she knew ahead of time what was going to happen. She didn't tell me because she knew I would be upset. Well, I was! When I saw the box of cute lil peeps and realized what was happening, I shouted out "PEEPS! Don't eat the peeps!" My grrlfriend held me back because I was at the edge of my seat, ready to jump up, run to the front of the theater and steal the peeps to safety.

I even protest the eating of peeps in my home. When my Mom buys them I tell her that when she's not looking I'm going to bury the peeps in the backyard! She says she'll dig them up and I say I'm just going to bury them again. She asks why, of all things, am I going to bury them? I say its because peeps die and are stuffed with marshmallow so that people can have great fun biting their heads off and thinking its all just a delicious game! Well, I think its just wrong! SAVE THE PEEPS!

Stale peeps

I thought I was alone in my passion for old, stale peeps. I was driving in my car listening to Public Radio.....All Things Considered, I think....Someone had written in saying that in her office there was a ritual performed by all the office staff for the curing of the peepy critters.....they would all pool their money and send someone in search of the peeps and then perform the ritual as they stashed them away to cure.....when the right amount of staleness had been acheived, the Peep festival was held....kind of like a harvest festival... and the peeps were devoured.....

I had to stop the car. For the first time in my life, I was not alone in my odd, peep-related behavior. I could say out loud that I love stale peeps! And now this website! Does it get any better than this?!!!

So.....a tip for my stale peep comrades....a new discovery....I put a package of opened peeps on top of my cable just one day, my peeps were at maximum staleness. What a find!

Thank you for your wonderful website.....

Peeps forever